Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Avoiding the Subject

Yesterday I joined Todd's final class of his current session, as a spectator. He'd scheduled the class for the Wells Preserve at Laudholm Farm (link) in Wells, Maine. It's an ideal place for a class, complete with bathrooms(!). There are buildings to paint, acres of fields, and many trails. We stayed pretty close to the main house, where there are picnic tables, because the students all brought wonderful food for this last outing.

There was, however, a downside to this location. There was no sea to be seen! I've been so fixated with painting along the Maine coast these last couple of weeks that the idea of a regular landscape wasn't as appealing.

So, while Todd began his class with a demonstration, I skulked off to the deep shade of a copper beech. There I set about painting a moonlit sea. I managed to get some sense of the effect I wanted and I knocked it into shape this morning, back in the studio. (Study, 8"x12", 20x30cm).

 By then it was time to chow down. After delicious, warm, baby ribs, some small sandwiches, and then some brownies, I felt fortified enough to attempt study No. 2.

This one isn't ready to post, but it's the view that Todd was painting in his demonstration. Because I didn't want to be in the way, I went and looked at the motif for a bit, then repaired to the dark shade to paint it. I'll try to post it on Friday (I'm off plein air painting tomorrow, at Ogunquit, with new Instagram friends. Tomorrow night I'll try to post some photos of our outing).

Todd's class also had present a couple who are new collectors of his work. They are visiting New England from Atlanta. As I painted during the day we spent a good bit of time chatting. It was they who goaded me into making a third study, starting in mid-afternoon. For this one I actually faced the motif I had chosen to paint. Go figure. I hope it conveys some of the haziness of the afternoon light. (Study, 8" x 12", 20x30cm).

Tomorrow will be a good painting day. I hope you'll be out there.
There are still available spots in the June 28+29 Plein Air Weekend Workshop. Time to paint the sea!


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  1. Sounds lovely. As usual you describe it so well - and the themes (also as usual) are close to my heart (coast, houses on/over ridges...)

  2. Sure hope we can paint together again. D

  3. Interesting to see the water infatuation. I thought you used to avoid the sea. The trouble is it keeps moving.

  4. Because I live near the sea, the time was bound to come. Now I can't get enough of rocks and salt and spray.
    Hope you might come to Toronto.