Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Rainy Day

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The rain it raineth every day  Feste, Twelfth Night (V, 1)

So sings Feste, the fool in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Although it rained today, it hasn't rained every day, and tomorrow will be just right for plein air painting. 

One day last week I was at Rawson's Neck, waiting for my friend Todd to arrive. I sat on the rocks and began a drawing, in pencil, on one of the 8"x12" panels. Todd arrived, and the drawing was shelved. 

Today's rain made me reach for the somewhat crude drawing. I never make drawings in pencil for panels or canvases but I think I had a hunch that Todd and I would choose instead to have some lunch and to sit on the rocks and gab. Anyway, here's the pencil drawing on the panel.

Today I set about wrestling this drawing into a painting. Here's where I ended up.

Although not entirely faithful to the drawing, it still gives a sense of Rawson's Neck. (8" x 12" (20x30cm)

Speaking of Rawson's Neck, I got to wondering as I painted today about the feasibility of having a Rawson's Corners Workshop.
We could arrange an excursion train perhaps. Do let me know if visiting and painting at The Corners appeals to you. 



Weekend Workshop
28-29 June 2014
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The Ogunquit Summer School of Art

Ogunquit, Maine
Two two-day workshops
14-15 August 2014
27-28 September 2014
Contact them at 603-819-9100


4-12 September, Alkmaar, NL

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(Possibly) Toronto

6-10 October 2014

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August 2015

Contact me to receive information as it

becomes available.


A possible 2015 workshop for the

Welsh Academy of Art

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