Monday, June 16, 2014

No Lighthouse

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Portland Head, Cape Elizabeth

Portland Head, in Maine, is famous for its iconic lighthouse. Its very status is why I turned my easel ten degrees toward the sea and painted the sea ledge instead.

Of course it's just a study, 8"x12" (20x30cm). One of these days I may paint a larger one in the studio. But for now, with the sun shining and the weather in the 70s, it's time to be outside.

Hope you are.



Weekend Workshop
28-29 June 2014 Coming up!!
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The Ogunquit Summer School of Art

Ogunquit, Maine


Two two-day workshops
14-15 August 2014
27-28 September 2014
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4-12 September, Alkmaar, NL Contact me about this

Toronto 6-10 October 2014
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Norway August 2015
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A possible 2015 workshop for the Welsh Academy of Art

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  1. Magnificent. Love the colours and textures of the rock slab surfaces, and they way they recede giving wonderful perspective. Must be a bit scary setting up on a windy day on the rocks. A bit dangerous chasing flying umbrellas.