Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Second One

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 Rawson's Head, No. 2

Yesterday I also began a second panel (8" x12", 20x30cm) at
Rawson's Head. As it turned out, I was pretty tired and stopped after I had the basic information.

Today, in the studio, I worked on refining my idea. Since I left the site yesterday at about 1:30 p.m., I didn't really see this effect of the light. Today I solidified it from imagination. There's is still a bit of both crisping and softening that needs to be done, but I'm relatively pleased with its progress.

Do remember that one of the best things about making a grisaille is that you can subsequently make it whatever you'd like.

(I just swapped out the original photo from this post in favor of one from my phone. This one has issues with extraneous 'sparkles' in the shadows, and a lack of sharpness. More important, though, is that this one has a more correct 'feeling'.)

Thanks to Gerry, Caroline and Bruce for their comments.

And a reminder...

This coming Thursday, June 12th (5-8 p.m.), I'll be at the annual Catalogue Show at my Boston gallery (Quidley&Co, 38 Newbury Street, Boston, MA). This show features a new work by each of the gallery's artists. The paintings are in a catalogue, hence the name of the show.

This year, in addition to my new painting, Quidley will also be showing my painting The Door to the Golden Age. If you haven't seen it in person yet, you may want to come check it out before it's off to Quidley on Nantucket. Here it is, all 7-feet (2m) of it.

If you live near Boston, and you're a blog, Instagram, or Facebook follower whom I haven't met, I'd be especially pleased if you'd stop by and introduce yourself. 
I look forward to seeing everyone.


Weekend Workshop
28-29 June 2014
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The Ogunquit Summer School of Art

Ogunquit, Maine

Two two-day workshops
14-15 August 2014
27-28 September 2014
Contact them at 603-819-9100


4-12 September, Alkmaar, NL
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(Possibly) Toronto
6-10 October 2014
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Norway August 2015
Contact me to receive information as it
becomes available.

A possible 2015 workshop for the
Welsh Academy of Art

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