Monday, June 23, 2014

On the Margins

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Speaking Littorally

As I remarked to a friend today, I've been painting so much along the Maine littoral that I'm becoming deliquescent.

In the last post, I wrote of painting No. 2 from last Tuesday's Todd Bonita workshop. I said I'd post a photo of it. It, like all the others in this post, is 8" x 12", 20x30cm. I had intended to punch it up a bit, and may still, but here it is in case I don't.

The next one is from last Thursday, painted at Ogunquit with Tony Bevilacqua (who did a nicer painting than mine).

Yesterday (Sunday) Nick and I were at Fort Foster, Gerrish Island, in Kittery, Maine. The fort was one of several which guarded the approaches to the harbor at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Today I went to Marginal Way, in Ogunquit. Here's this morning's study. It still has a bit of fiddling left to do.

Rawson's Corners

I received this email the other morning. At first I thought it was from Rod Serling, but he's dead...or is he? The message I received went like this:

Hi Donald-
I  found myself driving around a few nights ago. The house AC was busted and it was too hot to sleep. Somehow I  found myself in Rawson's Corners. All the houses were quiet and dark and I set a few dogs barking and figured I'd be better off returning in the daytime. I saw a sign for the highway and as I left town I came across Del's filling station (closed). Perhaps you know the place. Well, I sketched it from memory with my coffee the next morning and worked-up a grisaille today. We'll see what emerges.
Heck if I can remember how to get back there. 

Here's Del's as he remembered it.

Do you know how to get to this station?



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