Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vertical One, Part 4

Details---and Odds and Ends

Chris Quidley, from the Boston and Nantucket galleries, came by to pick up the cows, the hayloft, and the recovery room paintings today. It's time for them to go see if they have a public.

Thinking about Jezebel and Her Sister (the cows), I was reminded of the painting by Paulus Potter, a Dutch painter who died, aged 28, in 1654. Among the 100 or so paintings he painted is The Young Bull, dated 1647, when he was only twenty-one. It is in the collection of the Mauritshuis, in the Hague.

The painting is huge, (93 x 133", 236 x 339 cm), and an amazing accomplishment for an artist of any age, especially a 21 year-old.

Mark Tansey, an American artist who paints largely in grisaille, painted his painting, The Innocent Eye, with more than a nod to Potter. Tansey's painting is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It is also large, 78 x 120", 198 x 304 cm).

I'm glad my cow painting wasn't under such close scrutiny.

There are some of you who crave details of brushwork. If that's you, tonight's your night! Here are three details from the Vertical One. They are somewhat smaller than life-size, but they are more 'like' the painting than most of my photographs. Last night's large version was much too contrasty.

Of course these jottings are just the underpinnings for what will transpire on top. I'll try to remember which segments I've excerpted and produce some identical details as the painting moves along. 

Weekend Workshops

As you know, the April Weekend Workshop is filled. The May Weekend Workshop (May 18&19) is about two-thirds full at the moment. Because of this response, I'm willing to schedule a weekend workshop for June 8-9, and July 20-21. If you'd like to register for the May, June or July workshops, please contact Sarajean or me (

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  1. Nice detail shots...thanks a million. Can't believe Potter painted that at!!!