Friday, April 12, 2013

From the Archive, Part Five

Yet more from the Archive

In response to a thundering silence (sauf Jon), I submit a few more from the archive. First, here's a photo of the 78x48" (198x121cm) canvas, finally stretched, with Todd Bonita in front of it, for scale.

As you can see, I'll have to adjust my lights for this one. But Todd's looking well, don't you think?

If you have an ideas, drawings, etc., you'd like to send (, I'd be curious what suggestions you might have for the subject. 



  1. Beautiful -- and varied -- paintings. Your ability to capture receding fields and faraway 'opening' is daunting.... but inspiring. Are you saying that you decided on the size of the jumbo-canvas-a-tron before you had a subject in mind? Cool!
    And, yes, I'm thinkin' that Todd, silhouetted as he is against the white, could be the inspiration for the latest "Mad Men" opening credits.

  2. Ah, framer made a frame six inches too big for a 48x72" painting. I told him I'd take the mistake and he could supply the correct frame. Then Arcadia, my NYC gallery, asked that the 78x48 be a vertical. So here we are. As for Todd....

  3. The first 4/5 look like Brittany! Have you been to Brittany? I think I want to paint Brittany - went there for vacations every year for ages. I like places where the sea is present or near.

    I hate small paintings (ok, I'm maybe wrong) - I want to sit on the couch and be able to look at paintings across the room. And I think that a vertical format is difficult, if the picture doesn't really require that, then it feels less right. Trees maybe? Have you browsed your "heroes" to see if they hadt any vertical format going on - could be a blog post that ;D ! Please keep the archives coming - such a pleasure...

    1. I've tried to paint in Brittany, Jon. But the weather was abysmal. I did eat well, though. Maybe again, sometime---who knows?

  4. I love your paths and roads Donald. I am always interested to follow them through the painting and around the bend. So, I assume the stretching for the big vertical went well and you are still happy with the new stretcher bars?

    Todd looks right at home in front of that big canvas. Perhaps he'll begin one of his own soon!