Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hard Work

This Weekend's Workshop

We had a great group of hard-working students for this weekend's workshop.

The first day we went to Battis Farm, situated in a lovely landscape, in Amesbury. Everyone did a grisaille, and made a drawing, complete with color notes. No one, to my knowledge, violated the no photographs rule. I even offered $10 to anyone who would turn in a fellow student. Seems that everyone either had learned that no one likes a tattle-tale, or no one broke the rule.

Today we painted out-of-doors, behind my studio building, working on yesterday's (dry) grisailles by adding color. A lot of very good work was accomplished in these two days. A number of the students are already enrolled for the May weekend (18-19). I believe we still have 4 places still open.

There will be a June weekend, 8 & 9, and a July one (20 & 21). Let me ( or Sarajean know if you'd like to join.

Here are some happy painters.



  1. Very upset that Sarajean and myself are not in the photo. We were busy slaving away getting everyone water and snacks while everyone was merrily going along painting their masterpieces :)

  2. I take it the role of the photographer was to make sure that no one took photographs

    1. Who better in the role of Kodak garde-champetre?