Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From the Archive, Part Three

A Baker's Dozen of Wee Paintings, some from Long Ago

Not sure what to write about tonight, so I think I'll cop out and post some small paintings from earlier in my career. You'll see I was trying a number of things as I tried to find my voice.

Before I get to that, I need to report that registration for the Cotswolds Workshop has now ended. You may register for the French Workshop (24-30 June) until April 24th. For more information about the French Workshop, use this link.

As I wrote last night, the April 27-28 Weekend Workshop is full. Today we had three sign-ups for the May edition (18&19). Please let Sarajean know, or write to me at, if you wish to join us. Thanks.

Now, some paintings. Be kind, I was exploring things.

Duomo, Florence, ca 1980
Four Tree Studies, 1987
Fountain, Seguret, 1987
Florida, 1981
Fog, 1987
L'entree au village, 2005
Montgivray, 2007
Bourg-en-Bresse, 1987
Painting for the 2011 Marla Lamb Charity Auction on Nantucket
A Passng Storm on the Vauvre, 2008
La basse-cour, 1980
In the Hayloft, 1992
Hamptons, 1981
If you can see any rhyme or reason to this group, I'll be surprised! But maybe it shows that the path of true love is never smooth.

In any event, as Robert Frost said, "It takes all kinds of in- and out-door schoolin', to get used to my kind of foolin' "


  1. Particularly like the one for the charity aution - makes me dream of harvest fields for some reason! - and the one of Florence. OK, I know they are by you - that maybe baises me, but I think they do show the same sensibility (and unique 'voice'!).

    Thanks for the palette fabrication info/tips yesterday (I seem to remember that 'safety glass' is simply "verre de sécurité" in French - can't remember if that's what the hardware store calls it..)

  2. Should read "biases me". Excuses to French speakers ;) . It's probably also thue tho' LOL.