Thursday, April 11, 2013

From the Archive, Part Four

A Few More from the Archives

I hope that postings from the archive are helpful. Maybe one will give you an idea of something you'd like to explore, or maybe they'll remind you of that painting you've forgotten to paint.

These sixteen seem particularly dubious in terms of the photography. 

But, for my students, I hope there's the take away that one should essay all sorts of subjects.

Let me know if the archive posts interest you. For me, it's fun to re-visit some older work.



  1. Yes I enjoy your work but I am disappointed by the small size posted. Despite the arguments over theft I still think size matters.

    1. I expect you're right, Lorna, but these are old images and there's nothing I can do about the file sizes. I no longer have the paintings as they've been sold. Sorry.

  2. Yes, please! More please. I just love the subject matter you choose....