Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New 2013 Passport and License Issued

New Passport and License Issued

The 2013 International Combined Passport and Artistic Licenses are out! Make sure to have yours ready as the plein air season begins. The law permits you to make copies of the attached example. Please print your name in the space provided and carry this passport on your person at all times when in the field.

Remember, a licensed artist is the only kind to trust



  1. Bruce, Had it been April Fool's trivia, you'd be right. But this is REAL.

  2. Good item for all of us to carry. Alas, I fear my own "artistic license' has been officially revoked. Apparently, I make too many un-signalled turns. And I definitely cross any and all marked-lines without warning. Thanks.

    1. Tom, Go ahead and use it. Those with pre-existing conditions are not denied.