Friday, May 23, 2014

What's New?

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Some of what's been happening

There's no question that I've been very remiss in keeping up with my blogging. It's true, I seem to have been particularly busy, but I've really no excuse. This post will be a real salmagundi of items. 

The photos will be poor, and small, and I apologize. They are mostly phone shots edited for Instagram. By the way, you can see a new sketch/painting everyday on Instagram. Have a follow at @donaldjurney .

First off, the Dead Paintings Society demo I did for last weekend's plein air class. Saturday morning it was pouring and so we started in the studio. I did a two-hour resuscitation on a painting----which is still not quite right. It does have a bit more color than this photo might suggest, and it does, actually have a sky, too.

Another one that I may not have posted is an imaginary scene in Holland.

And this, also imaginary, Dutch scene:

 Then there was a winter scene from imagination.

I decided to make some small studies. I ordered 50 1/8" 12" x 16" baltic birch panels from Dick Blick. I cut them in half, yielding 100 8" x 12" panels, and I primed them. Here they are under a couple of iron weights from my Hughes easel.

I've been having great fun working on these studies. In particular, I can stop on a panel when I've got the feeling I want, without worrying about whether it's "finished". It's a good way to encourage yourself to experiment with things.

Here's one.

And another.


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  2. Yay! Good to be a-reading you again...

  3. The panels are a great idea. What do you prime them with? Thanks.
    Best wishes,
    Jack Ebel

    1. Hi Jack...I use BIN, a white-pigmented, shellac-based primer, often used for sealing knots in wood before painting. I only do one side, and one coat. The primer tends to raise the grain a bit, so when they're dry, and before I tint them, I give them a light once-over with sandpaper

  4. Yep, in Toulouse since start of April - but in temp accomodation till end of June. Keep up the good work!