Wednesday, May 28, 2014


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Rawson's Redux

Bear with me, dear Readers, but I want to post five of the Rawson's Corners studies again. These were taken with a real camera and, though far from perfect, are closer to the originals.

The originals are 8"x12" (20x30cm) and so these are about half-size.

Rawson's Corners Depot

The Old Hayes Place

The Caleb Hayes Place

The Elliott Martin Farm


A friend has suggested that there's a book in the Rawson's Corners idea. But then I'd have to include the 1931 double murder. 

There will be more of Rawson's Corners coming along, but tomorrow it's time to paint the surf at Ogunquit with Toddy.

There are already sign-ups for the September workshop in Ogunquit.

The June 28th workshop is filling nicely.

Anyone interested in the June 7-8 workshop needs to step lively. Write me:


Two-day Weekend Workshops

7-8 June 2014

28-29 June 2014

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The Ogunquit Summer School of Art

Ogunquit, Maine
Two two-day workshops
14-15 August 2014
27-28 September 2014
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Those interested in an ongoing weekly class should contact me. 

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