Saturday, May 31, 2014


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Soper's Farm Stand

It's true, I did say that I was going to go to Soper's Store, and then CJ reminded me it would be closed on Memorial Day. Well, I still haven't gotten there, but I did go by the Soper farm where they have a stand.

The farm stand has been the subject of a bit of talk 'round The Corners. There's hardly anyone in town who doesn't have a vegetable garden or chickens. And there's almost no one from away who has reason to pass through Rawson's Corners. 

People wondered to whom old Mrs. Soper intended to sell her produce. She brushed it off, saying that she'd be growing things anyway, and the hens would be laying, and any little bit of pocket change from the stand would always be welcome. Mrs. S was a girl during the depression and remembers well the deprivation that folks felt.

Still, Mrs. Twombly says it's like taking eggs to Newcastle, and she's very pleased with herself for saying it.

Today the study of the Soper Farm Stand got started. I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the right-hand side, but it's coming along. Possibly, just to the right of the barn door, there's a glimpse of Mrs. S herself.


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