Tuesday, May 27, 2014


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Back in The Corners

As I said I would, I had a look around The Corners yesterday. Curtis Jensen told me that maybe Soper's Store wouldn't be open, it being Memorial Day, and he was right.
So, though sorry I couldn't get a burger at Soper's, I headed uphill to the Jensen place.

Old man Jensen made a fortune in graphite and charcoal before he came to The Corners, and used his money to build one of the few brick buildings in The Corners as his home. He wanted to make a splash and he did. 

His grandson operated a still in the woods behind the barn. He was an artist and I guess one doesn't have to say any more.
Although not quite finished (and a particularly bad photo--blurry), here's the state of the current study of Jensen's place (8x12" - 20x30cm). 

I'll be headed out to Soper's Store tomorrow.


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  1. Maitre - I'm loving The Corners...Cheers Y

  2. Donald - Rawson's Corner is so much like the town in NH where we are fixing up a little hunting camp on the bog. Can't wait to see more of your great, imaginative paintings based on real life places. Susan