Sunday, May 25, 2014


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Moseying Around in The Corners

Here are a couple more spots in Rawson's Corners. They are both studies, 8" x 12" (20x30cm).

First is the old Hayes Place. This is the older of the two strains of the Hayes family in Rawson's Corner, having arrived in the 1870's.

Caleb Hayes, whose house and barns were featured yesterday, was listed as a seed merchant in the 1910 census. Caleb served, if not with distinction, in the First World War. At its conclusion, he married a French woman, bringing her back to Rawson's Corners. As you might imagine, Mademoiselle from Armentieres had some difficulty settling into the rhythms of local life. The estrangement between the older Hayeses and Caleb probably began with his marriage. The events of 1931 sealed the break.

Further along Ridge Road is the Elliott Martin homestead. Martin bought the farm as a very young man from old Farmer Batch.

This study is just begun. More will happen. 

Tomorrow I expect to be up at Jensen's----either that or around the corner at Soper's Store.



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