Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hot, Hazy and Humid

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 Weather Delay

Today was another day of not-very-accommodating weather. It ended this evening in a thunderstorm, complete with some large hail.

But, in the studio, painting went on despite the sweltering heat. This morning I painted an 8"x12" (20x30cm) panel from imagination. I've called it The Edge of the Marsh. It needs some little fiddling, but it's essentially done.

Chief among the bits remaining to be done is the issue of the edges of the tree clumps, where they meet the sky. They need to be a bit less spidery, and softer. Tomorrow, when it's dry, it will be a matter of 30 seconds to fix.

This afternoon, at the suggestion of a couple of studio visitors, I left my made-up coastline, and ventured off in my imagination to dream up some  mountains. This one is even further from complete, but there was too much wet paint to go further.

It's also a study, 8" x 12" (20x30cm). I often find that as I get tired (as I was when I finishing this session), I start to put a lot more paint on the panel. My natural inclination is to paint very thinly, but here I've just slathered it on. The real painting isn't quite this orange, and it's more evening-like. I don't know what the orange line is above the far mountain---I didn't notice it in the painting.

Finally, a painting by Frederick Childe Hassam (American, 1859-1935). Hassam is a favorite painter of mine. Although I'm not wildly keen on his flag paintings from the First World War, in honor of tomorrow I give you one.

The Avenue in the Rain, 1917

Happy Fourth!


  1. I, too, am a fan of Hassam. Have a great Fourth!

    1. I'm repeating and repeating to myself "10 hot dogs is too many."