Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Tall Order

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The Genesis of The Door to the Golden Age

It's my pleasure to report that The Door to the Golden Age Age (90"x44", 235x120cm) has been sold by Quidley & Company, along with another large painting, to a new collector. The Doorway will be on view at Quidley, Nantucket, until mid-August.
Many of you who are local were on hand to see it at my studio, before it went off to New York last fall. You may remember Jacob Maris's flatboat beginning the trip to the city.

Jacob Maris Ferrying the Door to New York, 28 September 2013
But, of course, the saga had begun long before.

Stretched canvas, 28Jul13
I'd been thinking about the design, and soon, with the help of friends, it was flat on the floor so that the perspective of the vestibule floor could be plotted, using many strings. Because it was completely from the imagination, it had to be correctly drawn in a very slow fashion.

Above, and below, laying-in, 9 August 2013.





Jannetje's first appearance, 22August2013
And so it went, each day a bit more. Until it made it's debut in New York, at the Park Avenue Armory Art and Antiques Fair.

And had a profound effect on the cleaner at The Four Seasons in New York.

I'm glad it found its home. But I confess to a bit of post-partum, too.

Tomorrow I'm off to Ogunquit to paint the rocks and sea with some friends. I'm taking a tinted, 20" x 24" (50x60cm) cradled birch panel with me. After all the 8" x 12" panels, it seems like a billboard!

Just five weeks 'til Holland! Please note, in the section on classes, that there's a class sponsored by the Ogunquit Summer School of Art on 14-15 August. Sign up and paint the sea with us!

The Ogunquit Summer School of Art Ogunquit, Maine
 14-15 August 2014
27-28 September 2014
Contact them at 603-819-9100

4-12 September, Alkmaar, NL Contact me about this TWO PLACES REMAINING

Toronto 6-10 October 2014
Contact me about this. THIS CLASS IS FULL

Norway August 2015 Contact me to receive information as it becomes  available.

Wales A possible 2015 workshop for the Welsh Academy of Art.   


  1. Congrats! (to you and the collector!)

    1. Thanks, Jon. I'm anticipating you both in Holland! Not really,, but I wish you were coming.

  2. Congratulations, and thanks for the background development sequence. Very interesting.

    1. Mr. T, Thank you. I promised, a long time ago, to post some early photos. This seemed the signature moment.

  3. Congratulations, obviously a very wise new collector.

    1. Thanks. Susan. Hope you're painting well.

  4. Thanks for the journey back to the beginning of this masterpiece

  5. Maitre - Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a nicer painting. Cheers Y

  6. Thanks for sharing the stories behind your beautiful art.

    1. Thanks, Bruce. Hope all continues "steady as she goes".

  7. Love the back story of this amazing piece! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your sale. I can understand why you are having a bit of post partum blues, it's such an unusual painting.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Perhaps it's time for The Door to the Florentine Renaissance?

  8. Congratulations, Donald! I'm glad your painting has found a loving home. I was happy to have had the chance to cast my own eyes upon it, too! On to your billboard! Best, Pam