Monday, July 22, 2013

Some Updates

Some Progress on Two

A quick post tonight---not about the Weekend Workshop, for which you will have to wait---but about some progress on two paintings you've seen in earlier stages. Both are 20x16" (50x40cm).

First, the cast-off painting from the Savannah Workshop got some more richness, taking it farther and farther away from the the original place. Here's where that stands.

It has lots of little shiny bits where the studio lights have caught some thicker brushstrokes. The painting is somewhat redder, and the far, lit-up part is a bit more orange. But such is my photography. 

In case you don't remember, this is what it looked like when it was abandoned in Georgia.

When I was just starting to paint, I was a big fan of the panoramic paintings of Philips Koninck (Dutch, 1619-1688). I was very much in the period where I was confusing the worth of a painting with how many acres it contained. Still, Koninck was a good painter, and some of that striving for breadth lingers with me still.

Philips Koninck, National Gallery, London

My second painting is from day 4 of the French Workshop, looking overland from Sarzay. Here is its current state (there was no cloud shadow in the foreground, but I couldn't resist. Mea culpa, mea culpa)

It's definitely NOT a Koninck, but I'm growing fond of its straightforward depiction of a summer day.

Paint well!


  1. Great progress on both fronts. I think you are done with the second painting. Wonderful atmospheric perspective and depth.

  2. Love that foreground shadow. Adds so much to the sense of depth. I know it is now a different place, but I was surprised to see you opt not to depict the golden wheat colour of the left hand field. Was it a concious decision to use the green to balance the painting...or am I just thinking too much?

    1. Not sure I know the answer, Bruce.
      But, with hindsight, I'll say I did it to moderate all the rest of the yaller.