Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saturday Night Fever

Three Saturday Events

First among the three is Day One of the June Weekend Workshop. It looks like there may be a couple of raindrops to dodge on Saturday, but we should be fine for our longer session on Sunday. There will also be a July Weekend Workshop (20&21). If you'd like to be part of that, please write to Sarajean, or to me at

From a class last May

On Saturday evening will be the Newburyport Art Association's Artful Feast, an auction of work by the members in support of the NAA.

My painting, which you may know from the blog last fall, will be auctioned to the highest bidder. If you'd like to leave an absentee bid, please call Elena Bachrach at 978-465-8769.

Also on Saturday night, at Quidley and Co (my Boston gallery), is the opening of their annual catalogue exhibition
In Good Company. This year's show features work from 29 of the gallery's artists. Representing me is The Hayloft, which you may also remember from the blog (sorry that it's black and white).

Of course you could come on Saturday evening and see it in color! Here's the scoop:

 In Good Company

June 8 – 27th 2013
Opening Reception:  Saturday June 8, 2013

Quidley & Company Fine Art
38 Newbury Street, 5th floor (between Arlington and Berkeley)
Boston, MA 02116

 Perhaps I'll see you there.


  1. That trapdoor in the floor is a stroke of genius!

    1. Thanks, Jon. I wanted to have something that involved the viewer at the bottom of the painting, too. I'll see you soon. Ready??

    2. Isn't it strange that we call that a trapdoor, even though there may be no door either evident or at all. The Shorter OED doesn't have trap, as in hole, etc., except as an intentional snare, though it does have 'trap' as "a ladder leading to a loft; also trap-ladder". Go figure.

  2. The show looks great. Wish I could attend. Re: the auction piece:Did you leave the moonlit vertical as a grisaille?

    1. I did leave it as a grisaille though, inasmuch as moonlight is de facto a grisaille, I guess it's both a grisaille and a painting. Ready for our excellent adventure?

  3. Trapdoors, hatches, openings - to other dimensions a 2D pathway! Whad'ya mean ready? - that ain't poss. - sure looking forward to it tho'!