Saturday, June 1, 2013

More From the Crypt

Resuscitating Another One

I decided to take a break on the moonlit one, and to dig into the dark corner for another previously started painting. 

I came up with a start (16x20) from a class, possibly the latter part of last June. In any event, it was our first class held at Oak Hill Cemetery which, in addition to its expected denizens, is also home to one of the best collections of mature trees you'll find.

But, before we get to tha,t I must thank Sutrent who commented on yesterday's blog post, offering some corrective thoughts on perspective. Jon Main commented from France, mentioning that I have been referencing my childhood a lot. I promised in my comment to address that tonight.

I am one of those who believe that we best create when we are able to approach our work with a sense of wonder. For me, it's all spelled out by this quote from Albert Camus:

A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.

Wyeth's  Blind Pew was a big part of that awakening for me.


Anyway, let's get on to today's effort. 

Here's the start I found. Clearly I had done a quick grisaille, and then had rushed it a bit to show the application of some subsequent color.

I do remember that I took great liberties with this. There was no distant hill, and it really wasn't such a defined road. 

Today, I set about to create a bit of mood, with some mystery in the shadows. Below you'll see how far I got. 

I think the photo, below, is a bit dark. The road will need to have its edges dissolve into the grass. At the moment they are much too defined, and too predictable. The road, as now painted, is not as white as this image. 

I don't know if this painting will get any sky. It definitely won't get snow, but moonlight is always in the back of my mind. It won't be winter or spring, but it could easily become autumn instead of summer.

The repeating "vees" of the shadows must be changed, probably by redesigning the one under the tree line. I will probably introduce some lighter, vertical mass on the left-hand side. (This whole photo seems a bit too cool in color).

Nonetheless, most of these things won't be noticed once I put in Hannibal's elephant column on its march north.

More anon.


  1. ...actually a cow would fit in quite nicely, and do less damage to the road. Fewer comments from me these days because I am suddenly in panic mode over the workshop, building a slightly larger wet canvas box and assembling all the gear....yeah I know, keep it light.

    1. Panic not! Remember that those of us crossing the ocean are unable to bring armchairs, custom lawn mowers, or even kitchen sinks. We've got you covered. Have petit rouge and dream of clement days ahead.