Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Bagatelle

Skidaway CPR...Part Two,
et à toute à l'heure!

Spent a bit of time today on the cast-off I blogged about yesterday. Mostly strengthening things, working on values, etc.

Here's our progression so far.

You'll see I made things a lot darker. I'm still looking for the mood I want. The lightness at the top of the version above is mostly because my easel lights tend to favor the top of the paintings. Nonetheless, it suggests lighting the treetops. I might do that. We'll see.

Well that's some drama, anyway. There's so much wet paint on it at the moment that more was impossible to do right now. It can rest and dry while we intrepid ones paint in France.

One might well think that I should have reasonable hand/eye coordination. I think that's true. But it falls apart when I need to type on my android phone. 
What this means in practice is that the blog will be on holiday for a coupla weeks. But you'll be able to follow, in photos, what we're up to by checking in at

See you there!
And don't worry....I'll eat some warm croissants for you!  


  1. Bon Voyage! Have a great trip and happy times with all your friends. I so much enjoy reading about your process and watching your paintings evolve on your blog. I find it very helpful when I approach my work. Thanks, Donald for your generous teaching.

  2. Bon Voyage, mes amis! If you'll just leave the key to the studio under the mat, I'd be happy to check in on it while you're off sipping fine wine and noshing on paté. I'll be sure to totally rearrange everything to my liking and clear out those pesky old paintings and tubes of 'magic yellow" for you, too.
    Have a wonderful time en France. Major memories to follow for you and your very lucky students!