Monday, June 17, 2013


Also on the French Schedule... the Moulin d'Angibault, and its stretch along the river Vauvre.

This is one of my favorite spots in the Berry. When I was first there they were beginning the process of restoring the mill. I wrote about it in the sketchbook.

Here's a drawing of the mill from that time.

Here's a recent photo from the website of the mill.

(photo Redbubble)
I'm often reluctant to include photos with my drawings---lest I let you down. But this doesn't miss by much and, anyway, I can insist that any deviations between the two are because of the renovations.

Here are some other drawings from there.

 And another photo.

"Marcelle looked at this peaceful and charming place that spoke to her heart though she knew not why. She had seen more beautiful... But there are places that dispose us to indescribable emotion, and where it seems that destiny draws us ... " 

This is a loose translation from George Sand's 1845 novel,
Le Meunier d'Angibault, partly set at the mill. Even today it is a spot of extraordinary loveliness.

I'm looking forward to sharing it with everyone on the French Workshop.  



  1. Yeah! lovely. Thing is, if it's hot there like it is here in the South - we'll need to be in the shade!

    1. No painting umbrella, Jon? That's carrying Tarascon too far. Mad dogs and......?

  2. It hasn't been too hot so far this year in the southwest, but we have had an unusual amount of rain. The good news is that it should have moved through by the weekend with the ten day forecast showing comfortable 22 degrees average for next week with a mix of sun and broken cloud.....and the Moulin looks like a great spot!

  3. My trusty parasol ain't much use against this heat!