Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vertical One 5

All in the details

A quick post tonight. 

I received a few emails today asking either about when I was going to blog a photo of the Vertical One, or when one could come by to see it. 

Possibly I'll come up with visiting hours over the weekend, but my studio's even more of a mess than usual.

As for the photo, it's beyond me. But to satisfy some curiosity, I have a b&w photo of the painting's mid-section and a few details for you.

You may recall that this is where we were on April 15th.

Here's the black-and-white of the central section, today (three weeks later).

The detail photos are a bit strange, too. The first is a section of the trees in the background. Quite blurry, sorry.

Next, a section of the left hedge.

Some of the leaves from the sapling. This color is particularly whacked. All the leaves are painted, and they're NOT WHITE! Don't know what went wrong with this one. But you'll be able to see all the brushmarks. The leaves, in fact, are all a mixture of secret yellow and cinnabar light.

All for now, as I'm a tired fella.   


  1. Even in black and white, it's sparkling. Very exciting to see it taking shape. Thanks for the updates!

    1. Thanks, Pam. It's nice to know someone's reading the blog! Because you're close to the Big City, maybe you can get to see it for real. It will either be at Arcadia at The Four Seasons (57E57), or downtown at the main gallery (51 Greene St, SoHo).You might call ahead to find out....and take a phone photo please, if you go, so I can see it! Thanks.

  2. Secret yellow?really? It's almost Friday and you promised a photo! Seriously, we all anxiously await the debut.

    1. Ms. Deborah...You ask about secret yellow. Why do you think it's called SECRET YELLOW??!!
      Oh, alright. Have a look here:
      As for promising a photo, I don't remember that---and that's the position I'm taking.

  3. I am amazed that you can get the painting out of the studio so quickly. I would think that the underlayers aren't completely dry yet, although I understand that you paint very thin. Do you varnish before sending them out into the big wide world?