Monday, May 27, 2013

Saving the Bones II

What Happened Next

I spent some time today on yesterday's grisaille. Here are yesterday's stages.

This morning I began by adding some transparent color:
burnt umber, ultramarine, transparent yellow oxide, permanent brown madder, prussian green, and a little sap green. Some were added 'straight' and some in mixtures.

I can't decide if anyone's living in that big house. It sort of has the feeling of the house on the hill that was creepy when one was a kid. An old, old couple lived there, but no one ever saw them.  Shiver!

But no need to worry. As you may have guessed, it was Johanssen's grandfather's house, though, in his day, the whole front was an amazing garden, now sadly turned to grass.

What I did next was to add some solid color, still going gingerly, while I made decisions about what was what. This is where it was at the end of the day.

As you can see I eliminated the ground floor windows on the lit side of the house. I'll have to re-design that side entirely once it's dry, getting the drawing and perspective more true.
But there is already a glary, dry quality in the landscape that I like. In the late 19th c. there was a school of painting called the "glare aesthetic". This might have qualified.

Perhaps more tomorrow night.


I got an email today from Martin Jonsson, a blog-follower from Sweden, responding to the request for photos from far-flung readers. Martin sent two interesting photographs. He writes  I saw your request for pictures from places where we blog-readers live, well here are mine. I live in an small town called Akersberga 30km north of Stockholm, Sweden
the pictures are of the surrounding nature (the town it self isnt much to see) sort of reminds me of some of your paintings. I really like your blog its good mix of your work, paintings tips
and works by other artists of interest.

Thanks, Martin! You can see some of Martin's work at this link.

Send in your photos!

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  1. Fascinating! The painting is full of light. Pretty well everywhere reminds me of your paintings now ;D (imposing your vision?) - though I suppose Johanssen is maybe of Swedish origin?