Monday, May 13, 2013

Pony Express

Knowing Your Limits

This evening was the time to answer that age-old question:
Will it fit???

As you will see, there wasn't any too much room. The rear gate's opening is smaller than the interior width.

But it got in. The next issue was how far up one had to move the front seats to accomodate the two-metre (78") length. By moving them a bit, and by removing the bottom six inches of my two legs, everything's now okay.

In response to my plea, and the only response, Jon Main sent a couple of photos of where he makes his home, a village called St. Victor la Coste (Gard), in the south of France. You get to see some relatively uncommon snow.

Snow in Provence

Jon's village of St. Victor
Jon will be among the happy band of painters at the French Workshop in June.

We could accommodate perhaps three more students eager to spend a week painting in the French countryside. If you want to be one of them, hop to it!
You can write me here:

And send in a photo, please!


  1. Have a safe trip tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting Jon, when we begin the workshop in France.

  2. Good luck Donald, wish I could join you on this road trip...and in sure are having all the fun. Onward you go!!!..Hi Sue..I miss you guys, havta drop in soon.

  3. Well, bon voyage with the painting.

    Thanks for putting up the photos (I can see my house from here! ;) )

    Susan - looking forward to painting with ya'!

  4. I miss you all! It's been too long since we painted together. I'd love to go to France with you, but college tuition bills now have priority.
    When will The Big One be showing at Arcadia?