Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Fait accompli

The French lane has safely arrived in New York. 

I don't know about you, but I'm always a bit deflated when I drop paintings off at galleries. Because I've been so consumed with the work, often at white-hot heat, I'm hoping for a fanfare when I arrive with the newest masterpiece.

Of course, this is very unfair to the galleries. First, fanfares aren't cheap and, second, I'm not the only artist in the gallery clamoring for attention. So, next time you drop work off, remember that they have other things on their plate, and don't be quite so sensitive. (I haven't managed it yet, but when I grow up I know I'll be better at it).

On the send-me-a-picture front, we've received them from Belgium, France and Canada.

First, LA Colbeck sent a photo captioned "from where I paint"
Ms. Colbeck hails from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Sure looks amazing to me! Thanks.

Bruce Trewin, consistent blog-follower, sent a couple of where he lives in Graves St. Amant (near Cognac), in the west of France. Bruce is also going to be one of our happy campers on the French Workshop.
The first is sunrise from his bedroom window (one needs ask, of course, why he wasn't already set up, outdoors, ready to start a sunrise sketch?)

 Second is the road to St. Amant.

The vines remind me of Edna St. Vincent Millay's "and sunny clusters ripened for the wine".

Bruce sent, too, this shot of the Charente (river) at Jarnac.

Isabelle de Failly, from Belgium, has sent along several photos. Mme. de Failly, unable to sell her children in time, will not be with us for the French Workshop. Quel dommage!

But she keeps up her part with charming emails commenting on the blog, keeping me cheerful.

First is what I think is a long view of the stable block where Isabelle makes her home.

And here are two photos of the countryside:

And, finally, a Mauve-like view.

Isabelle has told me there's lots to paint in her locale. Perhaps we'll do a workshop there some day. Let me know if that appeals to you (

All for today on this rare, daytime post. Cheers!

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