Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plein Air in the Studio

The Slater's Mills Story continues

Slater's Mills has had only a little work these last couple of days, as other work has intruded. The progress has not been startling. But, at least for me, at this stage of a painting the process slows down a bit. More time may be spent staring at this point, less time applying paint. This is when one insures, among other things, that everything is "happening on the same day."

Here's where we left it, on Sunday:

In the meantime there's been a bit of building, and some demolition, too. Everything has received a bit of paint, generally to give a bit more substance to the forms. I'm still deciding what will be where, and what color scheme I'd like to have.

Here's where it stands at the moment:

As you see, the clouds have moved off, and it's another remarkable day in the town that time forgot. Although this photo is a bit too yellow, you'll get the idea.

The town fathers and mothers of Slater's Mills have been working on bringing a bit of life to their once quite bustling burg. Plans are afoot to lease virtual studio space in some of the old mill buildings. It's not lost on the elders that artists have rejuvenated more than one sleepy town. In any event, since the space is only virtual, they're keeping the rents low: 25 cents per month, per studio. One doesn't actually get anything for those two-bits, except the satisfaction that one's helped out a hamlet in need.

When I was a very small child, I could send away for a deed to my very own one square foot of land in the Yukon. Although it cost a dime, and the postage was another 3 cents, the possibility of discovering gold on my holding made it obviously a wise investment.

Those of you with a similar head for business won't miss the possibilities in Slater's Mills.


  1. .....slowing down and doing more looking....I like that, it makes sense to me. I need to think about that sometimes instead of thrusting forward without a plan. I wonder what's going on in your head regarding choosing your color schemes? You don't strike me as the formulaic type....hmmmm....a simple and logical plot that supports the focal point maybe?....how does Jurney aproach color?

  2. Did you invest in the Yukon before or after American cement? Y

  3. I see another white house has popped up. That Johansen certainly gets around. Now with the shadow cast by those trees on the reddish building indicating sun position, will that forground building on the left start dropping more shadow. (I like lots of shadows in the foreground, can't help it).

    1. Bruce: I may wind up with more than one light source in this painting.
      What? are you kidding me?!!!
      Sometimes we best tell the truth through a bit of prevarication.

    2. I just love those dark foregrounds and saw a rationale to prod a little. But of course there"s that strong moonshine..