Sunday, July 22, 2012

By the Sea, Part Three

Great Island Common, Part Three

Here's a not-so-far-from-done image of the Great Island Common painting, begun at the Friday class. It's 18x24".

Today I worked on the rocks.
I also worked on the sky and on the water. 
I guess that means I worked on everything..

 The image of the painting isn't a perfect photograph, but they never are. I still have to insure that the water on the horizon is level, at least approximately.

Here's a close-up of a portion of the sky, on the right-hand side----in case you wonder what it's like.

A new Friday class will begin on 17 August, and will continue on 24 and 31 August, 7 and 14 September, 5, 12, 19 and 26 October, and 2 November. As usual, the class will be from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Soon I'll have some information about it on the workshop blog. Sign-up will be first come, first served.

Also thinking of a February workshop in Savannah, to banish some of the winter blues. More on that, soon, on the workshop blog, too.

Comment below, please, if you'd like to be included in either opportunity.

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