Saturday, July 21, 2012

By the Sea, Part Two

Great Island Common, Part Two

Today found me in the studio, monkeying around with yesterday's plein air start from Great Island Common.

Although I liked the sense of sunlight, it wasn't quite the look I wanted. I was after a bit more reddish brown in the rocks, and a greater sense of a definite, late afternoon shadow on the lower part of the shore. The original shadow on the lower right was "bitty", made up of too many small changes in value. What was needed was to follow the old advice: 'make your shadows strong and unified.'

No photo of the whole painting tonight, but a couple of details from today's work----just to show the paint handling on the rocks.
Tomorrow night may bring a photo of the whole shebang.

For those of you who have never seen one of my paintings 'live', you'll see that I usually paint quite thinly. The canvas is Claessens No. 13, single-primed. This is a portrait linen, and quite smooth. Even still, the paint is thin enough to allow you to see the canvas weave.

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