Thursday, July 5, 2012

Landscape 911

Black & White

I've worked on Tuesday's painting, both yesterday and today. Last night I was going to post yesterday's results, but I couldn't get the photos I'd taken to even approximate what had taken place.

Tonight, I've had no more luck with the photos from this afternoon. So I give it to you in its current state, but in black and white. Pretend it's one of those art books that you order online. When it arrives, you realize that it's mostly not in color. At least this one didn't cost you anything.

As for the color, I'll post one if I ever get a good photo. But who knows if I'll finish the painting?  

Tomorrow we are painting outside with the Friday Plein Air class. We'll be at Appleton Farms, in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Those not from here can see the locale, and read about it, here.


  1. Not finishing the painting is not an option!
    I need the help figuring out how a "real" artist does it, so continue to share what you are doing on this painting. Thanks

    1. Tryin'. Painted at Chauncey Ryder's place in New Hampshire, yesterday, with painter friends (see first post, 29 February 2012). Teaching tomorrow, and on Saturday. Taking a group of students to the MFA, in Boston, on Monday.
      For more unfinished paintings, have a look at