Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This just in....

First Day Out

Well, the first outside painting foray has been completed. None of the three of us had a bad first waffle, but my two friends out-painted me today. My only excuse is that my canvas was 16x20", and they were both painting on the heads of pins. Still, they both grasped the experience more handily than I.  
It managed to get up to 84 degrees Farenheit (29C) this afternoon, and was gloriously sunny, but the landscape is still largely dormant. We'll be back next week, when we'll no doubt see lots of changes. In a shaded pond area, the spring peepers were tuning up, and  TMB was much interested in two turtles sunning themselves on a log. All in all, a great day.

 Simultaneously, or almost, Bruce Trewin (a blog follower) was off with his plein air group to a vineyard site near Cognac, in France. Bruce has written that they were rained out today, but they had a good day in the studio. Here's a Cognac vineyard photo from the web:

Michael Ruple, another painter friend, was painting outdoors in New Jersey this afternoon. Michael reports that things didn't go so well. Still, there's next time! Here's a New Jersey photo since Michael hasn't sent one.

 I think it's great that we're all in contact and that, although we're all painting at locations very far apart, the fraternity of painters keeps in touch. Let us know if you were out today.


  1. Hahaaa...I love the picture of Jersey since you were not provided one. That's too funny. What's with these excuses?....You couldn't make a waffle if you tried, I think you are being modest...stay tuned to be blown away when we see what you do to it in the studio!. Looking forward to it....
    "The size of pins"....I beg your pardon sir!...In our defense, our brushes were the size of mosquito toes. Gotta run, turtle soup is almost ready.

  2. A day spent amid fragrant breezes and the lustful choruses of barking frogs cannot be counted a bad first waffle, I always say. What a great time.

  3. Haha things didn't go all too well between teaching 20 students and trying to paint a small study at the same time I ended up butchering what was a decent start... Next time is right! Ps I drive past that sign everyday on my way to city, honestly I should probably be passing it now but I'm running a bit late this morning.