Saturday, March 24, 2012

Have a Look!

Quidley & Co.'s new Boston Location

A good reason to celebrate Spring is Quidley & Company's new gallery space at 38 Newbury Street in Boston. I have shown with Q&Co for three years now, and they are a wonderful, knowledgeable group of people. One of the things which sets them apart from some galleries---and I've had a few over my three-plus decades of exhibiting---is that they are genuinely art lovers. That's rarer than you might think.
The weather in Back Bay has been glorious, so if you have a chance, go visit the new space. The gallery has been expanding its roster, and there are a number of new artists for you to get to know. Chris Quidley himself, or the staff, will be happy to show you around.

One of the new artists is a fellow I know from some years ago---Duncan Hannah. Have a good look-see at his paintings. They are worth the visit.

And if, while you're at 38 Newbury Street, you happen to see any paintings with the blue part at the top, and the green part polite! They might be mine.

If you find yourself on Nantucket, do stop by their Main Street gallery. Opening for the season in April, the gallery is an institution among Nantucket art lovers.

You'll get a warm welcome there, too.

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