Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From the Studio

After Rain...detail

Donald Jurney, After Rain (detail), 36x60"

Here's a detail of the central section of a large painting I've been working on in the studio.
The painting is 36"x60", without its frame. The sky is, in fact, a bit darker/more contrasty than this photo, as is the church tower. But my photography skills are poor, and they get worse as the size of the painting gets larger.
I expect you'll get the idea, anyway.


  1. It is looking very damp. Much like France here today. Do the roof tiles not glisten a little on certain planes or are these all facing away?
    I am impressed that you can keep such consistency over a five foot width canvas. Some artists tend to work from top right to bottom left (or vice versa) but I wonder wether you tend to work the whole canvas until it is finished to achieve such incredible consistency?

    1. Bruce, Were I better in the photo dept., you might well see some glistening on the roofs. I work all over the canvas, all the time. Probably why it'not very "tight". But I'm more interested in the mood than in an inventory of all the facts. BTW, don't know if you caught your mention in the first post from last night

    2. I certainly did Donald. Thanks for the mention. I am enjoying following your blog. It gives wonderful insight into your paintings. Any pics of your studio? Love to see the setup. By the way, when I first switched to oils it was one of your paintings which inspired me, so I am a long time fan.

    3. Golly, now I'm blushing. I suspect, when you saw that painting (which?) you really said, "I'm going to paint in oils---I can do better than that!" And I expect you can.
      I'll see what there might be in studio photos. It's almost always a mess,though not quite as bad as Francis Bacon's space
      More on Scotland...maybe this weekend.

  2. This is amazing. Overcast, but at the same time luminous.

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  4. The organic shapes of those wonderfully dramatic clouds against the solid, linear geometric shapes of those grey buildings is hypnotizing. Beautifully designed lead in to that tower...a powerful painting for sure.

  5. This is AMAZING. I LOVE the detail, and marvel at how you got the glistening. You know, that I am one of your biggest fans. A poor one though. ;).

    My wife and I are wondering where this actually is. It somewhat resembles the old section of Rouen, France. This autumn, we hope to be in Burgundy, France, and maybe we'll catch some nice scenes to paint. Any recommendations?