Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Painting Campaign

Outside tomorrow!!!!!!

Well, today's the first day of Spring and, sure enough,  tomorrow several of us will be headed outdoors to paint. We'll go to Maudslay, where I'll be teaching the May workshop. But for now we'll just be stretching, after our studio hibernation, enjoying the nonpareil experience of painting with friends.

Bruce Crane had the right idea, in his very simple painting called Early Spring. Best not to try for some elaborate composition, some complex scheme, on the first day out. 

We'll try not to expect too much, realizing that tomorrow's sketches may turn out to be very much like first waffles. For this outing, fresh air and fellowship will be more than adequate reward.

Time's come, too, to remember how much we DON'T want to have Lyme Disease! Off! Deepwoods Sportsmen has the best rating from Consumer Reports.
And, of course, since we're now going to conscientiously avoid Lyme disease, why not skip skin cancer, too? I HATE greasy sunblock products, and my discomfort with them kept me from being a regular user. My dermatologist friend suggested this Neutrogena product. Now I forget that I have it on. Good stuff.

Okay, the Public Service Announcements are over. But please remember that this is serious stuff. Both these products are easy and effective ways to avoid a lot of subsequent grief.

Want to second this recommendation? Planning to be responsible this year? Why not leave a comment? Thanks.


  1. Good point Donald! It is our plein air group's first day tomorrow as well and I HAVEN'T packed the sunblock. I'll do so right now! We are painting in the vineyards just north of Cognac.

  2. I'm already packed, sun block, bug spray...check and check. Good advice about the simple composition first day out. I tend to get very excited and over zealous sometimes...got to remember to breath, relax and try to keep it simple. Hopefully I won't burn the first waffle so badly.
    Happy painting. Timely post Donald..well done.

  3. Bruce, Best of luck, tomorrow, to you and to your copains. We'll start with about 12C here, with some early fog, but we are promised a beautiful, 21C day. Hope you are equally fortunate.

    1. The rain gods were against us! For only the second time in two years, but we did manage 2 hours in the studio together so not toatally wasted. Better luck to your group!!

  4. I have given this lecture about Lyme Disease many times, as both my daughter and I suffered from it years ago. There was a report on the news that the nasty buggers live all year now, and this year there's a bumper crop due to the mild winters. My pouchade box, camera and drawing bag are packed and ready for any outdoor opportunity that presents itself daily, especially in this beautiful area of Portsmouth. Have a great day, gentlemen!