Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today's Effort

Thinking of N.C.

Thinking of N. C. Wyeth led me to paint a whole 25x20" canvas today. I pulled the canvas out of the never-will-be-finished pile. It was a start from one of last summer's Battis Farm workshops.

I turned it vertically, and set about painting a view that would have some of the strong, dramatic contrasts that are such a feature of the elder Wyeth's work.
My original intention was to create a landscape into which I could put the figures for "Chapter Two: The Ambush"
As it turned out, the painting is smaller in scale than I wanted, and the painting had a mind of its own. 

It still has some little bits to be dealt with, but I'm very pleased with this five hours' work. I'll sleep well tonight.


  1. did that get published?

    I repeat - this is killer!

  2. Thank you for posting this. It's stunning. We missed your posts.

  3. ..and so you should. What a great sense of place and atmosphere!
    Thanks Donald