Friday, October 4, 2013

Visiting Hours

Hollanders in the Big City

Jannetje and the little girl have made their way to New York. Thanks to Maris's superb boat-handling skills, nobody got wet.

If you're in New York over the 10-13 October period, please go say hello to them. I'm not sure that I will get there, so please, if you do manage it, send me a photo or two of the setting, etc. If you can find anybody who likes the painting, take a photo of them too, please!


  1. Well I have shown it to a few people and the reviews are great! What is next on the easel?

    1. Thanks, Bruce, for the positive feedback. Who knows what's next. Curious to see the New York reaction to the doorway this coming week.I'd enjoy doing a series of 'doorways', but I expect that's impractical. So it's probably back to lots of greens.