Sunday, October 20, 2013


Licenses Valid through March!!!

It became apparent to me, at the the time of The Dirty Eleven, that a number of artists are skirting the law. Don't be fooled into thinking that, as the weather gets cooler, the authorities will turn a blind eye.

Print yours, and carry it whenever you are painting outside. Set an example for your children.

Don't be a good painter gone bad.



  1. whew I just lost mine...and was thrown off some ones property!- md

  2. Lucky you weren't shot. The sign that days "Landfill Closed" should be taken seriously.

  3. wow...just in the nick of time! The ladies are painting on Deer Island on Wednesday and cordially invite you and any other "licensed" artists in the area to join us.
    :o) Thanks for keeping us out of jail :o)

    1. Thanks for the invitation, Elaine...and good you'll have your licenses in time. They're checking 'em. As for me, I'll be napping. Going to Game 1 at Fenway. I have my priorities.
      Paint well!

    2. I hope you'll be carrying your "Babe Ruth Curse Eraser" with you...
      Go Sox!! We'll be sending good vibes to Fenway from the island.

    3. Thanks, Elaine. You coming with us to Italy in 2014? Have a look at