Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doorway Update

A Wee Bit of Press

Thanks to the eagle eye of WWB, I found out about this just-published bit of press, following the Armory show in New York.

It's from Antiques and The Arts Weekly, October 25, 2013, page 59.

Does this mean I was clever--- or merely that the passersby weren't paying attention?

Regardless, I'm blushing.


  1. Wait a minute... I thought you could go through that door, and into a different era and culture. Is that not true? Art can't do that? ...very fun. ;)

    1. MD Of course Art can do that. But you must help. Just click your heels together, and believe!

  2. The doorway beckons...both the scholar and the drunk, :o) dangerously clever!