Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Patience Rewarded?

Sixty-Six Percent

If you've been following the last several posts about the 84" x 37" (213x94 cm) painting), and feeling that I've been curmudgeonly with the photographic slices I've been posting, you may be pleased to see the bottom two-thirds of the painting, about 60" x 37"---152x94 cm). Even this portion is hardly done, but you'll be able to spot the two previous slices.

As you will immediately see, the photo's a bit wacky, missing some sharpness and the color's not quite right. The painting, by the way, is designed to sit directly on the floor, and to be viewed, ideally at about ten feet.
But, if you're a blog-follower, you'll get the idea.

Paint well.


  1. Replies
    1. It's from a packet of Dutch seeds I bought 35 years ago. Just needed some time, some water, and some sunlight. Hope your paintings goes apace.

  2. Excellent. J'ai hâte de le voir entier !

    1. D'abord, je dois trouver mes sabots ....

  3. Donald, you must have endless patience! The realism is growing rapidly. My wife of course would love a cat in the foreground, probably licking spilt milk, but of course the Dutch would have cleaned it up immediately.

  4. A cat which failed (even with sartorial encouragement) to fully embrace the Red Sox cannot reasonably be expected to appear on the street---milk, or no. A dog, on the other hand.............