Monday, August 12, 2013

Mixed Notices

 The Reviews are In!

A few notices from emails I've received recently:

Just a quick post to let you know how much your posts are appreciated. Your blog is the first thing I check every morning. ---Cognac, France

Just gotta tell you- your posts are like a "creative multi-vitamin" to my system. ---Bahama, North Carolina

Kindly unsubscribe me from you daily blog. ----Ipswich, Massachusetts 

Actually, No, I'm not on Vacation

I've been working on a big project which is due in New York on October 1st. It's required a lot of planning, and now it's time for the paint. I promise I will blog about it, with photos, in the fullness of time. For now, just know I'm a busy fellow.

Today's post will have a number of unrelated items, beginning with a bit of press (from the Newburyport Current):

In talking with one of the students who attended the French Workshop, and in seeing the painting on which she was at work, I was put in mind of (Gaines) Ruger Donoho (1857-1916), an American painter who was born in Mississippi on the eve of the Civil War.  Here's his self-portrait from 1886.

While still very young, Donoho painted at Grez-sur-Loing, (Seine-et-Marne), a place about which I've posted in the past. 

There he painted what I think is his best work, La Marcellerie, in 1881 when he was 24.

La Marcellerie, Brooklyn Museum
It's a very large painting, measuring 51" x 76 9/16" (129.5 x 194.5 cm).
Subsequently Donoho was a founder and an important member of the art colony at the eastern end of Long Island.


We held the last Weekend Workshop on Saturday and Sunday. We were visited by great weather, and I think some definite progress was made. 

There are no plans, currently, for more classes, or for future workshops, though there has been some whispering about a possible workshop in Tuscany. We'll have to see what interest there may be.

A number of folks have asked about the chance that we may have some plein air classes in the autumn. Let me know if that's something you might want to do. Please tell me if you'd prefer weekday or weekend sessions.

There are also some who are interested in a return of the Dead Paintings Society.

So, if you'd like to have some classes, re-start the DPS, or attend a workshop, please contact me(


Thanks to L.H. for her kind comments about the French Sketchbook on 


  1. Sounds all good. Pivot point of the year - as we look back and forward? Bon courage with the new project!

  2. What? Best painting at 24 and downhill from there? I guess there is no chance for us pensioners. But we will soldier on, with your help of course. It is a lovely painting though. Good luck with Vertical 2.