Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recovery Room, Part Five

Details, details!

I had a few requests for some 'details' from yesterday's painting. I'm loathe to do that for several reasons. Chief among them is my uncertainty about what you'll see. Between my monitor, my wife's, and our two phones, I have four different color versions of what I post. Multiply that times all of you, and who knows what possible fidelity there may be to the real image. Second, because I do a lot with somewhat arbitrary focus or sharpness in my paintings, often bits taken out of context look quite strange. They are part of the way I selectively try to lead the viewer through the painting.
Ah, well, having said all that----effectively refusing to take any responsibility for what you see on your monitor----I'll attach three details. Bear in mind that they are all still in process. Sometimes I will change something ten inches away which then requires that I modify what you see here. So no promises about these looking the same at the end. (I am pretty sure it won't change to snow, though).

Before I add them, just a reminder of the talk, demonstration and crit that I'm giving tomorrow night, 6:30-9:30 p.m., at the Newburyport Art Association. Come if you can, and bring one painting for a quick crit if you'd like.

(please remove brush hairs!)

These all seem a little 'contrasty'. Sorry.


  1. Thanks for the details Donald. Perhaps not as much fun as seeing your demo, but lovely just the same. Hope to be in your neighborhood one of these days!

    1. I wish the photos weren't so muddy and so contrasty. Why not cone to the English or French workshops...not that you have any need of them yourself, but you could join us just to paint with congenial folks. I'd appreciate your passing the info on to any of your students who you think might benefit from them:

      Cheers, Donald
      (Must be warm where you are. We have snow forecast for tomorrow night. Br-rr-rrr!)