Monday, March 18, 2013

For Dillydalliers and Shillyshalliers

Come Paint the Splendor of England!

The deadline to sign up for the Plein Air in the Cotswolds Workshop is fast approaching. As we contemplate the snow that is coming to us in New England later tonight, it's great to think that we shall be spending a week in the Cotswolds during June, England's most glorious and most floriferous month.
Warm Cotswold stone, lit by the afternoon's sun is marvelous color, and the lanes and byways are alive with birdsong and hedge flowers. Come experience this enchanting landscape!

I've lived in the Cotswolds twice, 1966-1968 and 1984-1985. I can attest to the magic of the landscape and of the light. Long evenings---one can paint outside til almost 11 p.m.---add to the delight.

For spouses traveling along, there is an abundance of things to do, from visiting Oxford and a score of stately homes, to long rambles, golf, and garden visiting.

OXFORD (photo: ibtimes)

Barnsley House Gardens

Cotswold Hills Golf Club

The workshop is set up to have two free days. On these you can choose to sightsee, work on your already-started paintings, or go off on your own to follow country lanes. The choices are so abundant, in terms of what to paint, that you'll be giddy with the opportunities.
About an hour-and-a-half distant is Highclere, the actual location of Downton Abbey. Perhaps you'd like to drop in on Lady Grantham?

Here's a fanciful Cotswold painting by James Bateman (1893-1959).

And one by Sir Alfred East (1844-1913).

Here's a place to paint!

(Photo: Cozy Tours)
 Or why not this?

Maybe you'd like to paint here, one of the villages where I used to live? 

We're sure going to have fun. Join us!

Here's a painting I made in 1984, inside my village pub, The Plough at Cold Aston.

As you'll see, there are three pints of beer on the mantel, waiting for us.

More information about the workshop is on the workshop blog . There you'll find all the things you need, and many helpful links about the Cotswolds.

But remember, you'll need to get your ducks in a row. Last day for registration for this workshop is only three weeks away (April 8th)!

Feel free to write to me ( if you have any questions not covered on the workshop blog. But hurry! We want to paint with you!    

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