Thursday, March 7, 2013

Field and Stream

A New Endeavor

Yesterday morning found me stretching a new 42" x 48" canvas (106 x 121cm). I HATE stretching canvases. But you probably love doing it.

Anyway, the new canvas got a grisaille (really, in this case, burnt umber and ultramarine) yesterday. I posted the result on Facebook last night, but I didn't have the energy to blog  about it. Today I received a request on Facebook to publish a larger photo of the grisaille. Here that is:

I apologize for the fact that it's not a very good photo. In fact, I also took a photo of the charcoal drawing, not too elaborate, that preceded the grisaille. But somehow it wasn't on my camera's chip when I got home. Go figure. If you look carefully at this you may be able to see some of the charcoal peeping through.

Today Todd came along to the studio to paint. He really came to get the SCAD hat I brought him from the Savannah Workshop last month, but he did a good job of pretending that wasn't the case.

I spent a long and tiring day starting to beef up the grisaille. I added some color, and began to get a mood taking shape. But those who know me know that nothing's certain 'til the painting is framed and leaves the studio. Here's the status after today's session.

And, for Christy, a detail of the edge of the water, with the reflection from the distant trees.

(This is a bit smaller than actual size.)

Gotta go, it's dinner time.


  1. Thank you for the SCAD hat,..I thought I had you fooled. The truth is I came to look at your art book collection too...and drink your coffee. Oh...All right, i had to get out of the house for a while...doesnt make me a bad guy. Good times as always my friend!!!

  2. My gosh you get a lot done in one day. Stretched the darn thing, grisaille and some color.i'd still be fooling around with the underpainting! Great start!