Friday, February 22, 2013

The Perils of Architecture III

A Possible Solution

Thanks for all the suggestions and for the reasons.

Methinks the final solution will be something like this. It is currently drawn in on the actual canvas. But it's not fixed. Nothing's ever immutable in my work. Still, I'm definitely leaning toward this.

Tomorrow, at noon, I have a number of students and friends coming to my studio to have me autograph their copies of my drawing book. It will be great to see them, but I have no idea what to write in each book.

In any event, I'm sure there will be lots of opinions broached about what to put in the loft door. Those of you who won't be at the studio tomorrow can just send me a note, or comment below, with your valued advice. I won't necessarily listen, but I always like to know what you think.

In this charcoal, I decided to have a long, long, spatial recession, ultimately ending in a range of hills/mountains. I guess I was thinking about New England.

By the way, there's a link about the book on the top right of this page, or you can visit


  1. This is beautiful, Donald. Do you ever include animals in your paintings? With all that hay, seems a sheep or two might show up.

    1. Hi Mary. In the previous post there's a detail of a Jurney painting featuring a Charolais calf.There's one other cow painting out in the world, and a few springers. I leave the sheep to Anton Mauve.