Saturday, February 23, 2013

From The Archive

Digging in the Archive

Today a few gathered in my studio for a bit of book-signing and I showed a few photos of some paintings from earlier in my career.

This got me thinking about digging through the archive to find some images to share on the blog. I decided to focus on 8 x 12" paintings, oil on canvas. A bit more than half are plein air paintings.

I hope you enjoy these fourteen wee paintings, all from 1993.

An Evening Walk, o/c, 8x12", 1993

November Fields, 8x12, 1993

Winter Barn, 8x12, 1993

A Berkshire Elegy, 8x12, 1993

A Secret Spot, 8x12, 1993

A Still Reach of the Housatonic, 8x12, 1993

A Splendid Evening, 812, 1993

A March Thaw, 8x12, 1993

The Estuary, 8x12, 1993

On the Green River, 8x12, 1993

A Souvenir of Summer, 8x12, 1993

On the Housatonic, 8x12, 1993

Summer Glory, 8x12, 1993

Evening on the River, 8x12, 1993

The quality of these images varies a lot since they are from casual film snapshots.

My apologies.


  1. Thanks for sharing these 8x12's. I particularly like 'A Splendid Evening'. I love that glimmer of light across the brow of the riverbank, and also 'A Secret Spot'. Do you keep some of your favourites or are they all put on the marketplace?

  2. All sweet and poignant, just as it should be.

  3. Bruce and TSL...Thanks. Actually I only have very few of my paintings, of any size. Because I didn't want to tend bar, and I really hated waiting on table, I learned early on that the little birds must fly the nest. Each one bought me a bit more time as I kept trying to become even half as good as my heroes.

  4. Donald, looking at these again...these are some of my favorite DJ much subtlety and sensativity to light quality...just awesome. Again, too...extraordinary design. Bravo my good man. Thanks for posting.