Sunday, February 24, 2013

From the Archive, Part Two

Still Digging

Here are fourteen more of the 1993-9 crop of 8 x 12" wee paintings. These are all oil on canvas, both plein air and studio.

As in yesterday's post, I apologize for the quality of the reproductions which are based on twenty-year old snapshots. 

For my students: I hope these small canvases will encourage you think about all sorts of different subjects. 

The scanning and squaring up of these images takes a long time. So I particularly value and appreciate your comments on these posts.


An Evening Anchorage, 8x12, 1994

Rockbound, 8x12, 1993

An Upland Farm, 8x12, 1993

A Solitary Tree, 8x12, 1994

Czech Village, 8x12, 1994

Bad Schandau, 8x12, 1994

An Unfrequented Pond, 8x12, 1994

Meadow in Moonlight, 8x12, 1993

Road Through a Copse, 8x12, 1994

A Spring Requiem, 8x12, 1993

Evening Shadows, 8x12, 1994

Octet, 8x12, 1993

December Dusk, 8x12, 1994

Auigust Vespers, 8x12, 1994

A Quiet Sunday, 8x12, 1993

Sundown Through a Wood, 8x12, 1994


  1. Good lord these are all winners...too much eye candy...feeling had me at "An Evening anchorage"...funny, knowing your work and the grand scale, it's funny to see these mini Jurneys...amazing how you pack such a variety of mood in so many of these small jewels. Would love to see the real things. Thanks for posting.

  2. They are certainly warming us up for this summer in France. I just wish the weather would do the same.

  3. All your compositions are flawless - pure Jurney joy. Seeing these really helps to brighten these grey February days.

  4. Donald

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  5. I love these! They are just as elegant as your larger paintings. Do you do this size anymore?