Friday, November 16, 2012

Studio Visit

A Visit to the Studio

I've been asked a number of times to post some photos of my studio for all the atelier voyeurs out there. Because I've just had to clean it up for our local Open Studios weekend, I guess this is a good time to
put up some photos. These were all taken, hurriedly, with my phone.
They weren't intended to be the basis of a blog post. So be kind!

Above is a very grainy photo of a 48x72" painting in progress, with my palette table to the right.

And the palette table, closer up.

And here are a couple of other shots around the studio.

It's a bit dark for many artists' practice, but it suits me just fine. You'll see that I keep the venetian blinds drawn. Since what I'm painting isn't actually in front of me, I don't need the even temperature of north light. But I do need consistency. By always painting under my lights, the conditions are always the same and----day or night----I can pick up exactly where I left off, under exactly the same conditions as I had left it. 


  1. Thanks for the peak, Donald. Can you tell us which lights you use? Colour, temperature, type?

    Love that 48 x 72.

    1. You'll be disappointed at the lack of sophistication of my answer: ordinary 75 watt halogens from the hardware store. Yes, they have a yellow bias---but our faults lie not in our bulbs, dear Brutus, but in our heads. Glad you like the big painting. One day a real photographer will snap it, and reveal all its flaws!
      Getting excited about La Chatre? I am.

    2. On the contrary, I am most pleased with the halogens as that is what I have been using, although always with a slight guilty feeling, that I am somehow not being professional enough.
      Looking forward to La Chatre. I have travelled through the streets on google earth and out into the countryside a bit, just to get a feel for it.

  2. Wait a minute....This isnt the studio I know...there was clearly a cleaning service involved here. I'm crying foul.