Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Drawing in France

French Dreamin' --Part Two

Yesterday's post had a lot of visitors, not least from Egypt, Poland and France. So I thought I might post some more drawings. Some are close to where we'll be, others are a bit farther out. 

They all suffer from those same second- or third-generation issues, but I hope you'll enjoy them.

Nothing is more important to a good painting than good drawing----not just drawing as lines, masses and values, but drawing as a conceptual act, irrespective of mark making.

The best advice I can give is draw, draw, and then draw some more.

Please leave a comment if these are at all helpful.


p.s. At the bottom is a still-life from a few years ago. It seems appropriate since it includes a Michelin Guide---another kind of French Dreamin'.


Hmmm...should be "aux" Buissons, methinks (Jon?)




  1. Hi, Donald. Wonderful - inspiring - thank you very much! Yes, normally it should be "aux", even with a town name it changes so Le Havre ("The Haven"?) - aller à le Havre (No - cross it through) should be - aller au Havre - minor detail tho' - sort of thing that even a native speaker might say once they've started the sentence without thinking. So, how come the drawings in particular attract a far flung audience?!

  2. When you are painting "transparently"--does that mean using thinned paint? or using transparent colors only? would it be like a "color wash" some artists refer to?


    1. Hi Judy. In the strictest sense it is thinned paint. But many of the colors are closer to a "tint" when thin, and less like a solidly piented paint. I do employ them in much the same way as I would a watercolor wash.

    2. Thanks--I really appreciate your help. do you have classes at your studio near Boston?

    3. I do teach from time to time, as well as giving workshops. There are three workshops currently scheduled: Savannah, GA 11-15 February, England (Cotswolds) 10-16 June, and France (Berry) 24-30 June, all 2013. If you'd like to know more about them,or about classes in Newburyport, contact me at dbjurney@verizon.net and provide your address. Thanks.

  3. Hmm, I forgot - I meant to say, they remind me of the mysterious domain in the Grand Meaulnes
    Depuis près de cent ans, d’innombrables lecteurs ont tenté, à la suite d’Augustin Meaulnes, de retrouver « la tourelle grise » du « vieux manoir abandonné » qu’il avait aperçue « au-dessus d’un bois de sapins », celle du « Domaine mystérieux », où avait eu lieu « la Fête étrange » et « la Rencontre » du héros avec Mademoiselle Yvonne de Galais.

    1. Beautiful drawings!!

      Do you do the linear parts while at the site, then do the tonal work in the studio?

      At the workshops do you encourage taking a day or two to draw or go straight into painting?

    2. Hi Pam...hope all is now well at Playland. First, I'd be thrilled if students came early to draw. Both England and France have the 3rd and 6th days as free days. And, of course, one could draw whenever one wants in class.
      On how I do the drawings: they are finished on site. Doing six or seven a day, while traveling, yields a trove which will inspire work for years to come.