Thursday, August 9, 2012

Plein Air

Deer Island---Once More

Here's the fourth Deer Island plein-air start. This one is from last Wednesday, and is 18"x24". I'm not happy with the dead-center, implied path, as well as with some other things. I expect this painting will need a bit of re-engineering when it's dry enough to work over.

Tomorrow, the Friday Plein Air class assembles for its final session of the current series. We are promised rain, and possibly we shall have to escape our Deer Island bivouac for my Amesbury studio. If the weather turns out to be manageable, though, it would be fun to make a Deer Island painting all in grays.

Then Saturday morning will be time for the August meeting of the once-a-month plein air class. We'll try to stage it, too, at Deer Island. But the forecast for Saturday is yet more dire, and I expect that we'll have to beat a retreat to my studio.

I do hope, wherever you are, that you have better painting weather this weekend.

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